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Birtech Technology proudly presents.

The most reliable way to control IT devices and environmental conditions.

Birsens Environment Monitoring Systems

The most comprehensive and useful software in the field.


Central Management & Monitoring Software


BS 6000 Series

Auto Shutdown

With Senseway, you'll be able to shutdown your server automatically, sequentially and properly in emergency situations.


We Know About Your Technical Rooms



BirSens offers a wide range of different device solutions considering the conditions of your environment and based on the count / type of sensors to be positioned.


Sensaway is a management software that enables monitoring of environment conditions locally or centrally. It is offered free of charge along with BirSens Devices.


The accessories offer extended solutions for monitoring and notification. It also offers additional products that can interfere with the ambient temperature and the devices depending on the ambient conditions.

As BirTech Technology, we ensure that you are always comfortable by providing remote monitoring of your valuable environments, such as System Rooms and Data Centers; management of their environmental conditions; Punctual and multiple alarm/warning systems and detailed reporting options, through BirSens Environment Monitoring Systems.

We offer flexible solutions for Small, Medium and Large enterprises.